All comics on this page are free to open and download the .pdf files. In most cases, the advertising is included on the last page or is labeled as advertising.


  • The Soldier & The Semen

    On the night before shipping out to a war zone, a soldier and seaman (home town buddies) meet up and spend the night partying and getting drunk. Too tired to make their way back to the ship, they get a sleazy hotel room and spend the night recalling their childhoold experimentations.

  • Dirty Load

    This comic is based on video "Dirty Load". Returning from playing ball, Mark Long insists that his straight buddy Brandon Moore is too dirty to come inside unless he disrobes and lets Mark put his clothes in the laundry. Of course, it is part of Mark's plan to get Brandon naked and vulnerable.

  • Feel The Heat

    This comic is based on the video "Feel The Heat". Brody Wilder, Campbell Stevens are a couple of hot guys, working on a hot day. While taking a break in the shade, Brody opens up that his girl is not putting out. Campbell commiserates he hasn't gotten laid in a while either.

  • Cocktail Seduction

    This comic is based on video "Cocktail Seduction". While on vacation it's Arad is the hotel's hunky bartender, Arad, that is Pierce Hartman the main attraction. Leaving him a note on his cocktail napkin to come to his room, Pierce is naked on the bed When Arad shows up.

  • Cock Tales

    This comic is based on the video "CockTales". Jordan Evans has a new man, Arad, and it is time for him to show off his new man to friends Markie More and Colt Rivers.

  • Gag Order

    This comic is based on video "Gag Order". Ray Diaz finds himself detained by Officer Vinny Castillo. Ray does not want to go to jail and offers to do anything to avoid it. Vinny belives in second chances and gives Ray a hard choice.

  • Cocky Realtors

    This comic is based on the video "Cocky Realtor". Alex Greene is the "cocky realtor" and Abel Archer is an "asshole". No surprise that this combination of personalities works perfect.

  • Cum Splash

    This comic is based on video "Cum Splash". Alex Greene and Rob Ryder are a playful duo. Not only are they good friends, but they are ideally suited sex partners.

  • Men's Room Rookie

    This Comic is based on the video "Men's Room Rookie". Lucas Knight is a nice boy going to visit Grandma. When he stops at a roadside rest area, he discovers Chris Nox is lurking on the other side of a gloryhole .

  • Gloryhole Workout

    This comic is based on video "Gloryhole Workout". The neighborhood gym has been a sanctuary for Greg Jamison. Today, there's a new guy. He is Orlando Fox and he's shocked to hear that there's a gloryhole in the locker room.

  • The Subway

    This comic is based on "The Subway". Horse hung Jeff Stone cruises the subway system looking for sexy men. On this night he finds more than he ever dreamed was possible!

  • The Salesman

    This is a "Photoon" (Photos in cartoon format.), based on the "The Salesman". Salesman Julian Stiles, is worried about making a sale. Luckily for him, there is a sucker born every minute.

  • Alexandre'

    Thic comic is based on Maskurbate's "Alexandre". 23 y/o straight Alexandre' loses his inhibitions behind the mask of anonymity and submits to his exhibionist desires.

  • Sex Pad

    Based on the Falcon Video "Sex Pad". Several sexy and horny executive men at the office have grouped together and share access to a spectacular high rise apartment for use as a "Sex Pad".

  • Deep Examination

    Based on the video from of "Deep Examination". Doctors, patients, nurses, and receptionists are all getting it on in the examination rooms at the medical office.

  • Indiscretion

    Based on the Falcon Video "Indiscretion". When men have been unfaithful or are stuck in bad relationships, they somes compound the situation by being indiscrete and fucking around with other men.

  • Bobby & Liam

    Based on the video from of Bobby Hart & Liam Harkmore. Bobby comes home from work and relaxes in a tub, but soon Liam arrives, and relaxing turns to hardcore fucking.

  • Darren & Greg

    Based on's video of Darren Robbins and Greg David. This is hardcore cocksucking and extreme butt fucking.

  • Skeet & Andrew Massf

    Based on's video of Skeet and Andrew Massf. This is hardcore cocksucking by an aggressive cocksucker and an a hugely endowed feeder.

  • Bathman

    Bathman goes to the baths and shares his huge cock and massive loads of sperm with gloryhole cocksuckers.