Software Links and Archive

We have attempted to provide links to useful software that will make using this website more enjoyable.

Our suggestion is that you follow the links to the original source of the software first so that you have the latest versions. We have provided an archive because, from time to time, as in the case of the mobi creator, a company like Amazon will buy out the company and stop offering it.

The software we archived came from the original source and we suggest you use great caution when downloading from some secondary software archives because they often include other software you may not want, or install malware. That is why we suggest going to the original source first. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty the software we have archived and if you use it, do so at your own risk. All of it is installed on the computer where I am typing now without any problems. This is an HP AMD Athalon dual core with Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

All of the .pdf, .prc, and .mobi files on the website are downloadable. As with all files that you download, we suggest you use your anti-virus software to scan them before you open them. Do it just because you should not trust complete strangers.